Serialized Science Fiction.

Blast from the Past
Tom Haynes

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C'gull to the zombie dragon. It broke from where it kept little brother's squad at bay and banked over towards the attack copters.

Bit Brain signaled that the force that had been diverted to the beta force would soon overrun us. I could see our copters approaching from the southwest. "C'gull, the ones from the southwest, they're our only hope out of this jam. Three more minutes and we are toast, you hear me?" I asked him. I saw him nod his head and then he cast one last spell, which used up the rest of the white light. I don't know what he did, but I could feel something get ripped out of Gorgie's being. I knew it was she as her soulless body screamed in agony. All of the Raiders, and most of the Paladins for that matter, stood transfixed like she was a Siren. Then she started to advance against little brother's position. I could sense the Paladins in his elite company melting away into the night.

The last fraggin hellhound broke through my last water elemental just as the Sarge popped off the smoke grenade. Most of the paladins had their heads down in case C'gull decided to cast a mana bolt at them. They must have been scared out of their gourds at the rate at which he had been pumping them out. How were they supposed to know the white light had been fueling the both of us?

Also, Gorgie was sill pouring a deadly stream of lead, I think it was lead, into little brother's formation. My senses were either so pumped up or the high levels of mana and white light had me reaching talents that would normally stay dormant for years to come, that I could feel the anger and frustration radiating from him. I could also sense the fear that radiated from the Paladins when they beheld Gorgie storm their positions.

Finally, the dragon had taken out two of the attack copters and the remaining two were practically dancing across the sky with it as they dueled. I doubt the pilots knew that the dragon had died minutes ago, for if they had, they might also have broken formation. They must have thought it double-crossed them in some dragon scheme.

All that did not matter if we didn't take care of the hellhound. "C'gull, the hound!" I warned him. He turned towards the hound and Gorgie stopped her advance by spinning around. She started back towards the LZ, spraying the hellhound with bullets. I knew then that C'gull had meant to abandon her as a rearguard action. Not that he wanted to insure our getaway, no; he just wanted her to kill as many fraggin elves as she could before she was destroyed. He must have it really bad against elvenkind.

Bit Brain was stowing the Mark VII in one of the copters and the rest of the squad was already aboard the copters. I gave Tenney the thumbs up and seriously thought about abandoning C'gull to his fate. He wasn't a chummer, but I couldn't do it anyway. Maybe it was the knowledge that he must have made a living out of revenge, maybe it was the fear that I wasn't sure the Paladins would grease him, maybe it was the hope he could help the Red Raiders, maybe it was the fear my old man would get his hands on him and then me, or maybe it was the fact that he had just saved our hoops and we owed him big time, but whatever the reason, I was not about to leave him behind.

A mana bolt streaked out of the night and hit C'gull dead in the chest. He staggered backwards and flipped to the ground as a second one hit him in the neck. A fireball ripped through the night as the dragon took out the third attack copter. Gorgie sliced the last hellhound in half.

I rushed over to him and grabbed him by his cloak. Dead or alive, I was not leaving him for my father to gloat over. Gorgie climbed aboard our lead copter and started laying down a suppressive line

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