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Grubber Notes
Tom Haynes

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No alien races. Every explored system has an asteroid belt. Congruency holes can be captured and used to push ships off at sub-FTL speeds.

The Phoenix was one of the first colony ships. These ships were to setup new slingshots in planetary systems. Primitive mining methods. There was a 1-300 chance to build a new system.

The Phoenix scientists discovered a way to go FTL at one of their sites. They tested the new drive, and abandoned the colonists.

We go from colony ship to mining/production back to colony. Note that this ship is not one of the slow seeders. Hmm, we could make it a generational ship which has been retrofitted with the task of opening up new slingshots. These people would not want to go planetary and would stay in the asteroid belts.

The Belters have no idea which system the Phoenix discovered with the FTL. There is a legend there were no asteroids.

Some ancient alien culture had a war and the various asteroid belts are left from the planet busters. Which by implication means that the Congruency Holes are not natural and are indeed these planet busters.

The Belter system has 3 planets and 5 different asteroid belts. As such they have 5 different slingshots. They built them for some reason - they no longer no why. Who are they?

A story could be a group busting a planet wide open to see if they can extract a Congruency Hole.

A congruency hole is always located in a belt and there is not often any. Only 1 is found per belt and it isn't known if they are artificial or natural.

One conjecture is that every planet has one. A faction wants to bust open a planet to see if they find one. I should read my notes before I repeat thoughts I had years ago. But I can't help try to revise.

The Belter system is remote enough to avoid being taken over and it lacks development interest due to having only 3 planets.

So are systems in general space stations or is terraforming going on? That question has a real impact on the above statement.

The Belters are not ambitious, but enjoy their lifestyle. They like living on asteroids and do not want to be planet bound. They also seem to have little population pressure.

They resist emigration and have sufficiently armed their slingshots.

They encourage trade.

Grubbers are And this thought is never finished. I include it to show the sudden change in name of the inhabitants.

This thread implies that Congruency Holes need to be worked to become slingshots. The colonist/workers had this task. When abandoned, they finished the slingshots and decided not to explore. Hmm, do ships need modification to use the slingshots? Did they have sufficient system ships?

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