Serialized Science Fiction.

Grubber Notes
Tom Haynes

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Another aspect of this is that if congruency holes need to be worked, does working one imply that the receiving one is in turn worked? And do you end up at that one? Or do you have to explore the system to find it and then work it?

Also, is an assumption that you will find one there? A story line might be what happens when a ship arrives and there is no receiver. That might fit in with the Clans being more adventurous than the XTC. They travel with their families and can survive a slow ride home.

They accept settlers who come in under certain rules, mainly the basic set of stuff given to newlyweds. If settlers are able to survive under the same set of conditions as the Grubbers, then they are welcome to stay. If they cheat, then they are run out of town.

One of the fallacies of this is that the Grubber society has to be very family oriented. So they have a support structure not in place for settlers. Hmm, perhaps they accept Clan settlers much more easier than others? Because of their common heritage?


4 different speeds of interstellar travel:

Grr, going to be the Prometheus!

Phoenix crew helped the colonists to mine and setup the Grubber system. They knew they would find 5 systems. They left and never came back. They were expected back.

Hmm, I'm thinking two ships here - the Prometheus is a sleek research vessel equipped with the latest for the scientists. And then there is an asteroid colony ship which has been retrofitted for slingshot development. The Belters could have left with it, but decided to settle the system instead. Perhaps the Prometheus scavenged something from their drive?

The slingshots are held in trust.

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