Serialized Science Fiction.

Grubber Notes
Tom Haynes

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Whalers were also explorers. Their charts were used in World War II.

Moved 6MPH, Boring: Captain wished crewmen would fall overboard to be rescued.

2 hour shifts on the masthead. Easy to fall on the climb up.

The whale boats went faster.

Garry: Combination of blood, blubber, and oil coated the docks and was a hazard.

Hmm, couldn't read my own writing. Garry or Curry?

Monkey-rope: Used by harpooner as a life line when he jumped overboard to get the 200lb blubber-hook in the whale. The waters were by this time shark infested.

scrimshaw: Whalebone to be carved.

Greenhand: 1st cruise

Slept in the forecastle -- 12-20 hands

Chest and Bed

Melting pot

Put near "radiation"?

Forecastle songs: Blow steam, allowed to criticize captain

Music was very important.

Sea chest: greenhand thought it was a treasure chest. $70 debt against his pay

Clothes: Soak them in tar, clean them in urine. Paid crewmates to wash.

Knifes had points cut off to reduce fights.

Kanaka recruit: $200 bond for 3 years.

Neptune ceremony: Rite of passage when crossing the equator - Greenhand to old salt

Provisions: 3 year voyage, crew of 30: $45,000 -- 13 cents per man per day

Duff: flour, lard, yeast, equal amounts of fresh and salt water. Only served once per week.

Crews would mutiny if burnt.

Food is very important.

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