Serialized Science Fiction.

Grubber Notes
Tom Haynes

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other nations/powers.

So the first non-Grubber ship shows up. They soon realize that the Grubbers control the slingshots but do not use them. Why would they guard them? Why is one heavily guarded? Why does the military have slingshot capable war ships but the workers do not?

So the Grubbers are sufficiently armed to prevent invasion.

Their society must be seen as a free trade port and that must be desirable to both the Clans and Corporations. Also, even when workers are offered slingshot technology to do their own travel of the slingshots, they decline. It may be subtle, but visitors have to come to realize that the Grubbers are content with their lifestyle. That doesn't mean that they are not willing to defend their freedom. What happens to the invariable malcontents?

They can stop a slingshot from working.

This has to be their trump card and a closely guarded secret. They use prayer/magic to stop them and it works. All attempts to take them to other systems and stop the slingshots fails.

Grubber society is split between workers and the military. Warships traverse the guarded slingshot - always upspin, but workers do not know where it goes.

While immigration is open, spying is not. If caught spying, the entire family is cycled out of an airlock. There are no exceptions.

Kanaka have been tortured out system, but they never know what goes into that slingshot.


The fuel: Massive space borne creatures move from system to system. They can do FTL (How is that known?) (how long do their jumps take? Do they notice?), no one knows how, but they seem to prefer using the slingshot points. Many slingshots are found chasing the creatures.

No one knows how, but somehow they ingest something and produce a very pure fuel which does not pollute and can easily power space ships and cities Or really, space stations While a little goes a long way, the number of cities and ships is increasing. Also, the yield can be used to make the most powerful bombs.

Note that these creatures are protected in the Grubber system - poachers are boarded and summarily executed. The Grubbers do not use this fuel either. Hmm, they should have something like the Kuku'i nut. And Kanaka do not seem to have a problem hunting the creatures when out of their system. But a Kanaka will go wild if their crew mates

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