Serialized Science Fiction.

Grubber Notes
Tom Haynes

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I.e., if a biological parent who is not part of the family tries to parent, that is a problem.

If the non-biological family parent is not responsible for a family child, that is a problem.


15k sailors peak 35 years

69k barrels - avg $41.42
low as $25 okay

Cost of ship $30k

Barrel contained 220-225 gallons of oil

1 whale had 500 gallons of spermaceti

Baleen range 6 cents -> $6

As oil substitutes were found, baleen became the focus. Oil and carcass would be left!

A single bowhead:

Drive exploration.

Tryworks and brick ovens.

3-5 year journey

Sea Tan (?) - Sunlight and tar residue from trying to make clothes waterproof

Status symbol

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