Serialized Science Fiction.

Ex-human - Outline Notes for The Nanovampire
Tom Haynes

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A human guinea-pig is sent up to a space station. His cover name is Logan Fox. When the crew is out on an EVA, his controller applies a canister to his face and doses him with some nanobots. The nanobots had been tried on animals on the Earth and no ill effects were seen. Due to stringent FDA laws, nanobot experiments were forbidden with humans on the Earth.

Some pencil pusher came up with this solution. The project directors liked X-Men and X-Files, so they called the space station the X-Lab. The plan was to blow the station if anything went wrong. Also, unknown to Logan, he has been implanted with an explosive device to blow his head off via remote control.

The experiment goes off well, the doctor pretends with a fake microphone, "Well now Mr. Fox, now that you just won immortally, where do you plan to go now?"

The reply, "Why to Disney World of course."

The crew is allowed to return into the ship and even though the experiment was judged a success, Fox is monitored over the next month. Some experiments show rapid healing, coupled with an increased appetite.

Fox starts to get sick and the tests show he is suffering from starvation. (Track down Atkinson's diet and fur trappers starving on a red meat diet.). Name his controller/doctor Atkinson.

Anyway, he wakes up and he is feeling better. But the entire crew is dead, torn apart, grisly remains everywhere. He ate them. The radio is squawking like crazy. Evidently he took out the video feeds during the frenzy and ground control is worried about the strange bio signals they are getting.

They are calling out for him or Atkinson to reply. He tracks Atkinson down to a supply closet, where he is cowering, hiding behind a .45. Atkinson spills the beans, he has had plenty of time to think of what went wrong. The nanobots had to be activated in space, they wouldn't live that long outside a host. Somehow, either the weightless conditions lead to better structural growth or some cosmic radiation mutated the nanobots.

Either way, they started to die off, he was able to see that in his charts, and the only way they could replenish themselves was to be filtered through living food. The fresher the kill, hell, the more alive the kill, the more potent the filtering. Fox could sustain himself with human food, but not the nanobots. They must have tied themselves in too deep with his survival urge.

Fox ingests this and smiles, Atkinson fires, blowing a huge gaping hole in the middle of Fox. The smile becomes a grin, "You shouldn't have done that, now I have to heal, and well, there is only one source of nourishment left to me." His fangs start to grow and he latches onto Atkinson's neck. The gun goes off again and is coupled with both a blood-curdling yell and the hiss of the station's atmosphere escaping into space.

Fox is unconcerned about the lack of oxygen - the nanobots protect him. His stomach isn't completely filled, so he goes ahead and grabs a leg of man. He heads to the emergency one man escape pod and triggers it, shooting him back to Earth.

Fox can eat people, but he doesn't like the time it takes to do that. If he eats a person, he can go a week without feeding the

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