Serialized Science Fiction.

Ex-human - Outline Notes for The Nanovampire
Tom Haynes

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nanobots again. If he drains the blood, he can go three nights without worrying about them. He regenerates quickly, more so if he can get nourishment.

He isn't photosensitive, but while he can feed in the day, he prefers the cover of night. He has superhuman strength, but not super speed. His reflexes were high already and now they are faster than most humans.

He doesn't care a whit about religious symbols, garlic, or a stake through the heart.

His vulnerabilities are that a severe systematic shock can knock him out while the nanobots repair the damage. Have him suffer a head wound and almost die. Story lines:

1) Meet a real vampire - he can't cope with the mental powers, but the vamp has to sleep. Also, the nanobots have a will to live as well and are able to exert some basic muscle control under great duress and Fox having no control.

2) Decide he is getting lonely, infect a woman to keep him company. Have him bite her and will half his bots into her. Of course, it makes them both ravenous, so they go on a spree.


Q) Why was Fox picked?

A) They knew what was likely to happen, they wanted a controllable assassin with superhuman attributes. They didn't want to waste time training him or finding out if he had the right profile.

Q) Why the space station?

A) Stress the power and influence of the FDA. Have them send an investigator after Fox, to determine if sanctions should be levied. Have the investigator be the one he infects? Too trite? Have him trade for information, i.e., the FDA knows all about the project. At odds with infection line?

RA) They lie to him at every turn, the real reason turns out to be the need for micro-gravity to grow smaller and more capable nanobots. The ones grown on Earth will not work on humans.

Now that Atkinson is dead, the space program is in disarray, probably set back by 5 years, they really want Fox and his friends. They hunt him and he hunts them back.

Q) Why doesn't Fox have qualms sustaining himself off of humanity?

A) On his survival trip in Columbia, they had to eat one of their party. He got to grips with that a long time ago - he liked the taste back then.

Q) Why don't the nanobots consume Fox and move on?

A) They've found a willing host, i.e., instead of parasites they have entered a symbosis.

Q) Was he cured of Aids-II?

A) Yes, but the virus was extracted from his system and stored by the nanobots. I.e., have a scene where he starts an epidemic to evade capture.

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