Serialized Science Fiction.

Jenny's War
Tom Haynes

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Either you abort your mission or I do." The fighter swayed effortlessly in formation. While it resembled a manta ray, it acted like a pirhanna.

"Okay boss lady, NES 5 looks normal." came the calm reply.

"So the Parasol's eyes are 20/20. You ever seen that configuration before?" came the equally emotionless question from the pilot.

"Not on an Earther."

"Then where?"

"I'm thinking..." came the suddenly hurried voice of the DO.

"Okay Arosa Sky, time's up - say your prayers." she said as she flipped the toggle cover to arm the missiles.

The Arosa Sky peeled apart and a gaggle, perhaps a flock, of fast attack fighters launched. "So Plucky, remind you of a carrier?"

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