Serialized Science Fiction.

Grubber Notes
Tom Haynes

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Pay: Captain: 1/12
Greenhand: 1/250

$54.17 per 3 year voyage

$13.54 per year $1.13 per month $0.26 per week $0.036 per day

Might owe at the end and have to reship

Clothes were substandard and to avoid getting them from the slop chest, crew would patch and repatch their clothes.

Cook got 1/2 slush (grease left over from cooking - used for soap)

Japan closed to foreigners.

"There is no God west of Cape Horn"

Sense of lawlessness

"Ladies Fever" -- VD

"Great stone fleet" - 39 whaleships filled with stone and sunk in Savannah and Charleston harbors to enforce blockade

Do Grubbers have anti-gravity?

The implication is that no one else has it.

The CH works with clock and counter clockwise slings. Once you find the CH in a system, you can go back from where you came. You can also go somewhere new.

The implication is that you do not come out at a slingshot. You need to find it and that may take some time.

So each CH takes you two places.

If you can't find the CH, you can take the slow path home.

Again, the Clans are more accepting of doing so, and the XTC corporate ships are less so inclined.

Plants won't grow in hyperspace. If a journey takes too long, crew has to go into cold sleep.

The first mention of hyperspace and that slingshots take you out of normal space. At this point, I'm leaning against this and towards having 4 costs to travel.

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